Thursday, October 25, 2007


SexyLife Brazil Magazine, giving back our care for our readers, offers a new edition: the fourth one.

Now we have one more successful and professional edition. Confirming that SexyLife Brazil is not just a “backyard” magazine as some people suggest, and more than this, we are showing that we are back and stronger, giving you a new edition, made under the best efforts for all our dear readers to enjoy it.

Alinne Martineck is the cover girl; a little devil in a body of an angel, which will make you have the hottest fantasies of the metaverse universe of Second Life. Still in this edition, there is a very nice interview with our U2 Girl: Thereaver Barrymore, telling us everything about her exciting life. And there is more… a hot story written by our reporter Angel Lubitsch. All this and more… just see it to believe. So, don’t waste time and take your edition.

The fourth edition is ready for everybody.
And you will note we are maintaining the same quality of our last edition. We offer the same charm, intelligence and powerful content.

Download here your PDF magazine and enjoy it even out of SL:

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


The third edition of SexyLife Magazine is ready for you.

We have great news for our 10.000 readers. The SexyLife Magazine never forgot the affection received from all who love our work. Everybody was waiting for one more edition, but now it is official; the magazine, which was in “stand by” to be even better, is back.

Our cover girl is the stunning Aimee Ferraris who will make you dream. She is the winner of the models contest offered by the Angel´s Model Agency. And we made an interview with the brothers of Boteco Brasil, whom tell us about their experiences on SL. And there is more… a Private Investigation Agency, which is shaking SL. Relationships will never be the same.
The third edition will be yours very soon.

You will note the magazine is more SEXY than ever, and also is more virtuous, intelligent and powerful.

It is just a matter of time for all to “taste” this. And to give you a preview, we are offering the cover to delight you.

Download here your magazine in PDF and enjoy it even off SL:

Sunday, June 17, 2007


by Ananda Valeeva

Now we have a different magazine as link among creativity, fun and entertainment, to inform the residents of Second Life. Its idealizer, Patrik Oyen and his friend and partner Rogério Au created the SexyLife Magazine. It was inspired by magazines like Playboy, which can certainly be very well represented by our virtual version in the 3D world.

SexyLife Magazine is innovative because it was first showed in metaverse environment, something unknown for this kind of publication, followed by a website and a blog. The main target is for male readers, but everybody can enjoy SexyLife. News, tips, events, parties and sensual texts are some content we can find in a sexy approach. One of the main ideas of this magazine is to show every month a beautiful girl avatar photographed in provocative poses.

SexyLife brings new concepts of content and is also selling spaces of advertising for your business A talented team makes this a top entertainment for you. The magazine onde more company of the group SLBRAZIL CORPORATE.


by Ananda Valeeva and Ikki Ultsch

SexyLife Magazine and Menta are now together. The success of SexyLife inspired this new partnership in SL.

Menta is the biggest and the best company for parties, concerts and events of Second Life. The friends and partners Alexander Grebe and Chinoso Chapman run this business. “We are the oldest brazilian Company of Second Life, and with enormous knowledge in all areas, such as Scripts, Building, Decoration, Accessories, Clothes, among other things”, affirm its directors.

Always beyond in ideas, Menta is innovative and an incomparable company when we see others of the same branch. Their target is to offer the best services to the customers, which include all organization for parties, openings, weddings, among many other events.

Menta Style and Events,which has a talented staff to offer the best to their clients, by doing the greatest parties of the virtual world and SexyLife Magazine are together now to share their talents and creativity, to present the best magazine of SL made for men.

"Dont restrain your instincts, read SexyLife”, now also with Menta.


by Ikki Ultsch

SL BRAZIL GROUP, idealized and presided by Patrik Oyen, has successful companies, which cover many branches of the Brazilian society of SECOND LIFE. The main goal of SL BRAZIL is to offer to its customers all they need, in terms of comfort and security in diverse services. The low cost is very attractive.

The companies of SL Brazil Group are: SL BRAZIL BUILDER (responsible for the creation of shopping malls, stores and houses; always using the best architects and constructors), REAL ESTATE SL BRAZIL (in charge to give the best conditions for renting houses, lands and stores) and SL BRAZIL EXCHANGE (in charge of making exchange between the imaginary and virtual to the real world, or vice versa).

As it is a strong group in the SL market, the direction of our Magazine thanks to SL BRAZIL for the confidence they put in our employees, since the start of the first project, which soon became a success: the SexyLife Magazine. Because of this, the Magazine is pleased to firm and announce this partnership of success that will bring many benefits to both companies.

"Dont restrain your instincts, read SexyLife”, now also with SL BRASIL.